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Mush this disgrace off the trail’

Whitehorse Star, Feb 6/15). Same letter in the Yukon News—Abolish the Quest (News, Feb 6,15).

Dogs, humans and mushing propaganda are on the run. The Yukon Quest International dog race is a prime example of exploitation. CBC North appears all too happy to promote and cheerlead for a race that has been exploiting, breeding, injuring, culling and killing dogs for 32 years. 32 years!

How many dogs are bred to produce just one competitive team? How many of those dogs end up dead at the hands of their owners, or discarded for others to “rescue” because they don’t make the cut?

Did I detect an audible increase in the volume of CBC media hype for this year’s Quest? Doesn’t the very well-staffed CBC Yukon have anyone to actually do some journalism work with respect to the mushing industry?

Or is it CBC’s mandate to…

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