These heroic ‘athletes’ should pull their own sleds! (Whitehorse Star, Feb 19, 2016).

The Yukon Quest international dog race is built on the exploitation of dogs known as “sled dogs”. 

Unknown numbers of dogs are bred in order to develop the perfect racing team. Tethering dogs, usually by chain is common practice in the mushing world, and is inhumane. 

Are dogs and puppies routinely being culled/killed out of the public eye, behind all the propaganda mush and hoopla?

Honesty, integrity and transparency are listed under the sub title “Core values” at the Yukon Quest organization’s web site. Go here: 

So why doesn’t this organization post the realities of the mushing world? The Quest organization should require mushers to publicly disclose their culling practices. Does the Quest not care what mushers do in their dog yards? 

Where is the “honesty,integrity and transparency” the Quest is referring to? Remember: former musher Frank Turner was aired on CBC some years ago and mentioned the culling of dogs in the mushing industry. It was all hush, hush afterwards.

The CBC has done a great job cheerleading, as I call it, for the mushing industry. Is it CBC’s mandate to promote and condone the Yukon Quest? As a public broadcaster, should its talking heads be taking a position on the Yukon Quest by expressing their favourable views towards exploiting dogs?

Is it above CBC to answer questions posed to them by the public? The silence has been deafening.

I find it appalling that society profits in some form or another from the use and abuse of dogs. Slavery comes to mind. Mushers should pull their own sleds, if they’re such great athletes.

Abolish the Yukon Quest! For the dogs!
Mike Grieco,