Is dog exploitation part of the CBC’s mandate? By Whitehorse Star on March 7, 2014

The Iditarod, like the Yukon Quest, is built on the exploitation and killing of dogs.

So why does the CBC continue to play fiddle for an industry that is built on the inhumane treatment of dogs?

CBC North: Can you not get enough of the humans using dogs? Propaganda-mush!

Why does the CBC continue to interview mushers and ex-mushers as if they are some sort of gift to dogs?

Does the CBC support/condone the inhumane treatment of dogs used as sled dogs?

Or maybe they just don’t care what goes on to develop the perfect ego, pardon me, the perfect racing team.

Everyone you interviewed knows what the dog-use industry is built on.

Yet, once again, CBC has failed to show the realities of this industry. Why?

Please visit here for some insight on the Iditatrod: .

CBC, again: Is it your mandate as a public broadcaster to support and promote the exploitation of dogs and other animals?

For the dogs!

Mike Grieco