YUKON QUEST CAMPAIGN (Developed by the Yukon Quest)


Successfully market the annual sled dog race as an icon event to a global audience.


-Increase the number of participants in the 2006 Yukon Quest.

– Generate at least $50,000 in equivalent advertising value through an international media relations program.

– Increase the sponsorship by 20 per cent.

– Increase the total prize purse by at least 30 per cent by 2007.



Develop and promote the Yukon Quest brand.

– Secure and expand Yukon Quest intellectual property globally.

– Increase year-round Yukon Quest presence locally and internationally.

– Produce and/or promote Yukon Quest branded information, merchandise and third party products.

– Develop and increase supporter affinity to benefit Yukon Quest and Official Sponsors.


Achieve increased awareness through an active Yukon Quest Media Program

– Provide high-quality information and services for media throughout the year.

– Utilize media distribution services to expand reach of Yukon Quest messages.

– Improve pre-race media solicitation and education to achieve maximum race-time coverage.

– Enhance Yukon Quest web site and promotions to increase visitation, visitor retention and engagement.

– Begin process to achieve heritage designation for the Yukon Quest Trail Partnerships.

– Increase revenues through improved sponsorship solicitation and recognition:

– Develop research-based, professional-quality sponsorship solicitation plan and materials.

– Increase sponsorship benefits value through improved media exposure, VIP opportunities and

year-round Yukon Quest presence.

– Actively solicit targeted, long-term potential sponsors

 Performance Measures:

– Number of race participants

– Equivalent advertising value of media coverage

– Level of sponsorship

– Level of purse


Tourism Marketing Plan 2005/2006

April 1, 2005

Adventure Program (North America)